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  Manton .470 Bull   November Boar   HUNTING text-block  
Trophy buffalo taken with Manton .470 NE Good boar bagged with Jeffery .400 NE
    Jungle Tusker   Alex Henry Buff    
Jungle tusker rolled with Greener .577 Young bull killed with AH 20/.577 Express
  Broken Horn Buff   Arnhem Land Action   Blind Eye Boar   Double Header  
Old bull bagged with .577 Light Nitro DR Trophy boar: Jeffery .400 in Arnhem Land Spotted hog laid low with 6.5 MS carbine Two good boars with 'right and left' barrels
  Tolley Boar   Nikki's First Boar   Hodgson Boar   Rodda Buff  
First boar taken with Tolley .450 Express Daughter's first boar with modified SMLE Boar shot wallowing in Hodgson River First buffalo with Rodda .500 No2 sidelock
  Double Barrel Boars   Ralph's Best Bull   'Lost Valley' Boar   Elsey Ambush  
A quick 'right & left' bagged these 2 hogs Very good buffalo dropped with .416 Taylor Top quality boar with Jeffery double rifle Boar nailed in Elsey Swamp with 6.5 MS
  Fat Young Buffalo Bull   He Who Hesitates   Nikki's Buff   Overkill  
Young bull butchered for 'bushtucker' Fat fellow with trophy tusks fell to .400 NE Daughter's buff: one shot with .416 Taylor Young boar flattened with .577 Light Nitro
  'Drive-By' Bull   Double Header Hogs   Marty's Tusker   War-Torn Warrior  
Heavy-horned bull taken with .400 NE Double header on hogs with double rifle Trophy tusker taken at jungle's edge War-torn warrior with impressive tusks
  Straw Boar   Crescent-Horned Bull   Dead On Its Feet   Twilight Bull  
Bristly brown boar snap-shot on the run Magnificent 'crescent' bull: .400 Nitro Young boar killed with .577 x 2 3/4 NE Black bull with sharp horns: Jeffery .400
  Nikki's Buffalo   Fairy-Tale Boar   Eleventh-Hour Bull   Long-Grass Boar  
Daughter's last buff before leaving Darwin Old boar in secluded glade: .400 Jeffery Nice bull taken with .416 Taylor This boar tried to sneak off in long grass
  Marathon Boar   Matriarch Buff   Fatal Mistake   Marty's Monster Hog  
Long legged boar chased down with .400 Old buff shot through pandanus with .416 Ginger boar stopped to look back: fatal! Old tusker caught napping in the riverbed
  Marty's Scrub Bull   Marty's Tusky Boar   Big Barren Cow   100 point Bull  
Scrub Bull taken with .300 Win Mag Persistence paid off with this tusky boar Large cow buff taken as the herd spooked Last big buffalo bull before the 'wet'?
  Marty's Buffalo Bull   Blasť Boar   Bart's Big Bull   Dawn Boar  
Scrawny buff turned out to be top trophy This blasť boar ignored idling vehicle Bart's heavy-horned trophy buffalo bull Boar taken with 6.5 Mannlicher at Elsey
  Greener .577 hog-stopper   Marty's Black Scrub Bull   Dave's Trophy Bull   Boar in Pandanus Thicket  
Greener .577 as a short-range hog-stopper Marty's BRNO takes down a big scrub-bull Dave's first buffalo bull with .300 Mag Tusky boar hunted in Pandanus thicket
  Feral hog massacre   Bushfire Boar   Blood-Trail Bull   Burnt Country Bull  
Hog massacre with vintage Mannlicher Black boar chased down after a bushfire Buffalo blood-trailed through the marsh Old bull stalked in open burnt-out country
  Buffalo Bull on Rocky Hillside   Late Evening Buff   December Boar   Last Buffalo Bull  
Buffalo Bull hunted on rocky hillside Late evening hunt bagged this nice bull Early wet season boar with Jeffery double Last hunt with Greener .577 double rifle
Alex Henry Story Jeffery Story Greener .577 Story 'Long Shot' Story 'Joint Operation' Story Tolley .450 BPE Story 'October Hunt' Story Manton Story 'Private Pig'n'Pussy Hunt' Story
Alex Henry 20/.577 Jeffery .400 NE Greener .577 Long Shot Joint Operation Tolley .450 Express October Hunt Manton .470 Pig'n'Pussy Hunt
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