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  Bynoe Harbour Barra   Alinta's Tommycut Creek Barra   FISHING text-block  
Big Saltwater Barramundi from Bynoe Eleven Barra from Tommycut Creek
    Nikki's Easter Barra   30-pounder from Four Mile Hole    
Nikki's 18-pounder from Nourlangie Evening Barra from Four Mile Hole
  Rebecca's Barra   Typical Billabong Barra   Nikki's 88cm Barra   Kid with Small Barra  
Rebecca's Best Finnis River Barra Typical Corroboree Billabong Barra Nikki's Night-time Rock-bar Barra Parents Creed: "Start 'em Young!"
  Two Bynoe Barra   Brian's Barra   26-pound Barra   Marty's 90cm Barra  
Bynoe Barra fishing during the Build-Up Brian's First Barra: Hardy's Billabong Season's Best Barra from Nourlangie Marty's 20-pounder Puts On a Show!
  Nine-year-old's 19-pound Barra   Creek-Mouth Colour-Change   Couple of Nice Bynoe Barra   Chrissie's Barra  
Nine-year-old with 19-pound Barra Colour-change on Tommycut Floodplain More Typical Bynoe Harbour Barra Chrissie's First Nourlangie Barra
  Nice Barra from Scott Creek   Blakey's 17-pounder   Alinta's Winning Barra   Big Magela Creek Barra  
Good Fish from Mouth of Scott Creek Blakey's Best Barra from Corroboree Winning Fish in the '99 Easter Comp Big Barra from Magela Creek Floodplain
  23-pound Jewie   Fishy Photo   Leaping Barra   Bynoe Harbour Barra  
Nice Jewies from Chambers Bay Reefs Winner: Best Fishy Photo Competition Hard-Fighting Finnis River Fish Barramundi By-catch in Bynoe Harbour
  Two Big Barra   Live-baited Barra   South Alligator Barra   Barra on Spearhead Lure  
Night-time Trolling for Twenty Pounders Live-bait Barra from the Shoal Bay Rock Another Nice South Alligator Barra Nilsmaster 'Spearhead' Still Works Fine!
  Leaping Barra   76cm Barra   36-pound Jewie   Diamond-scale Mullet  
Airborne Antics in the Wilton River Nice South Alligator Barra for Nikki 36-pound Jewie from the Loee Patches Diamond-scale Mullet Fight Dirty!
  Threadfin Salmon   Shady Camp Barra   Mid-Winter Barra   Scum-Frog saratoga  
Threadfin salmon a close second to barra! Bec's 'Evening Rise' Shady Camp Barra Mossy's Mid-Winter Victoria River Fish Saratoga Sucked In By A Scum-Frog
  Cataract Barra   Good Feed of Mudcrabs   Neat Little Barra from Bynoe   Big Blue-Bone  
Lunchtime Barra from Vic River Cataract Northern Territory Mudcrabs on the Menu Neat Little Barra from Bynoe Harbour Big Blue-Bone from Darwin Harbour
  Large Fish Fillets   20-pound Barra   Alinta's 97cm Barra   More Flyrod Fishing  
THIS is a Fillet! Butchering the Big Ones Fishing Story: "Nourlangie Dreaming" Fishing Story: "Easter Barra Bonanza" Fly Fishing: Click Here for More Stories
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